The One-Stop-Shop interface allows resort staff to quickly sell a variety of inter-departmental products under one single invoice.  Sales are associated to the customer profile and payment is processed via integrated devices. This increases efficiency at check-out and streamlines workflow processes.

Sports School

Manage students, instructors and all ski school products in one sophisticated interface. Reports and products are fully customizable to suit the needs of individual resorts. Paradocs offers complimentary peripheral devices, unique to the ski industry, that allow supervisors to send real-time notifications to instructors, manage instructor assignment on snow and allows employees to scan their season passes to signal their presence and view their schedule.


Designed specifically for ski resorts, the Access interface is intuitive to sell, print and manage all types of ticketing products on offer, including single day, multi-day, and season tickets. The express sale interface is touchscreen compatible and speeds up ticket sales so that the customer spends less time waiting in the queue and more time on the slopes. The Access Control component allows resorts to define and manage skier access to the mountain.


The Rentals module supports both group and individual sales. Sale of products is simple and effective with the “Check-in” touch-screen option and barcode scanning. As products are linked to the customer profile, the system provides sophisticated inventory tracking, meaning that equipment can be tracked at any time, not matter if it is on the slopes or at the shop. Statistics on equipment usage measures the number of times equipment has been rented and sends an alert when equipment is due for a tune-up.

Food & Beverage

Efficiently manage the food & beverage locations at resort. The point-of-sale interface is intuitive and supports express sales on touch-screen workstations. Functionalities include bill splitting, table and tip management, and simultaneous order printing.


Selling is simple with the intuitive user interface, barcode scanning and touchscreen express sales. Associate sales to the customer profile and manage independent  inventories without needing to duplicate products and reconcile reports. Track the inventory more efficiently with the complimentary scanner device.

Administration & Reporting

The Paradocs system provides superior solutions for Operations and Management, namely the generation of meaningful reports and the management of human resources. Reporting per department guides you in making important business decisions and allows you to effectively manage the day-to-day operations at resort.