We run the engine so you can drive the experience

  • We run the engine so you can drive the experience

We do only
ski resorts

Paradocs Mountain Software is dedicated to delivering solutions designed for ski resorts. Paradocs’ staff are skiers at heart. We have more than 18 years of experience as resort employes. With this experience we have developed a fully integrated software platform to support all functions of the ski resort. We listen to our customers challenges, consider their specific needs and leverage business intelligence to provide tailored advice for their unique situation.

Size Doesn’t Matter

Paradocs has a “pooled” or “collaborative” software model. Customers purchase based on the number of connections to the system. With this model Paradocs is able to support a wide variety of resorts with a costing model that fits all budgets. Every year, an updated version of the software is deployed to all customers as part of their annual license fee. We listen to our customers needs and build new features based on this input; without the need for every customer to pay for every little modification even if it was developed for someone else. With the Paradocs model, resorts upfront cost is only for the personnel required for installation – this fee also scales based on the size of the resort. Paradocs has eliminated the need for expensive up-front cost that needs to be amortized. 

Operations made simple

The Paradocs Resort Management Software (RMS) enables ski resorts to integrate all functions and departments in one sophisticated software system. Our system allows resorts to streamline operations saving time and money while improving customer and employee satisfaction. Paradocs Web Services allows resorts to sell any product or service online with the click of a button. Ensuring our resort’s customers spend more time on the mountain.

“The Paradocs Software is simple to use. The One-Stop-Shop allows us to sell any and all products to any customers with ease. The training provided to our staff was exceptional and our team was able to figure out how to use the system quickly.”

Shawn Balog, Snow Valley

I really appreciate all the support and help that we have been given. I can honestly say that this has been one of the easiest conversions that I have ever done. Hats off to all of you at Paradocs. You have a fantastic team.

Debbie Northrop, Crabbe Mountain